HPE is among the first companies in Italy to have obtained the recognition by ENAC of Air Operator in non-critical and critical scenarios for carrying out air activities with Ummanned aircraft system (UAS) “

In compliance with the law, with highly specialized personnel and the highest safety standards, we are able to carry out the following OPERATIONS:

  1. Aerial photographs

  2. Video footage

  3. Optical/thermal detection

  4. Environmental monitoring

  5. Photogrammetric reliefs

  6. Mapping territories

  7. Video surveillance/Area Patrol

  8. Infrastructure inspection and evaluation

  9. Technical control of buildings

  10. Search and rescue

  11. Deal

“In addition, HPE offers – for those who have little time and do not come from the aeronautical sector – the technical and operational management of the drone (UAS), through the inclusion within its organization (so-called “operational affiliation/ intercropping”) and advice on the SORA methodology.

This allows you to work under the control of a certified aeronautical operator, in order to ensure that the operations are carried out in the most effective and efficient way both in terms of safety and result.

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