Training Courses

These are the advanced training courses we provide at our training centre for our customers

EU Regulations (EASA)

The Course can be of a general nature on the entire EASA regulatory structure or aimed at a single “Regulation”, such as air crew or air operations.

Recipients: the entire company structure, managers and operational staff. Duration: 8 hours Certificate of participation

EASA Safety Management System

The course has syllabi – accepted by ENAC – aimed at the roles held within the Organization, in order to ensure effective usefulness in the concrete application of the SMS. Recipients: the entire company structure,managers, safety managers and operational staff. Duration: 2 days (basic form) + 3 days (advanced form) Certificate of participation

Human Factor

It is a course on human factors as required by EASA for the technical staff.
Recipients: maintenance, staff management and quality, including maintenance managers, managers, supervisors, certified personnel, technicians, trainers, engineers and front office staff.
Duration: 24 hours initial training – recurrent (every 24 months) 8 hours
Certificate exam

Teaching & Learning

Propedeutic course to become flight instructors according to EASA Regulation 1178/2011 – Part FCL.920
Duration: 25 hours
Target audience: aspirants flight instructors or already qualified instructors.
Certificate issued by the flight school (IT.ATO.0083)

Crew Resource Management (CRM)

This course has the objective to develop skills and attitudes required by pilots operating as a crew.
It is developed according to the requirements of Part ORO and adaptable to the operators requirements.
Target audience: pilots
Duration: Initial 24 hours – recurrent (every 36 months) 8 hours of pass certificate


Dangerous Goods - No Carry Operators (ICAO Doc. 9284)

The course is intended to flight and ground personnel. It is designed for initial training and for periodic recurrents as provided by regulations.
Recipients: cabin crew and conduct crew, flight dispatchers and load planners.
Duration: 4 hours + Initial examination – Recurrent (every 24 months): 4 hours + exam.
Certificate approved by ENAC